Christmas Toy Donation

Melissa Little, Senior Landscape Estimator at Juniper, saves up each year to buy toys for the Suncoast Community Center's annual toy drive.  For the recent holiday season she saved up $600.  Juniper was touched to learn about Melissa's generosity and decided to reimburse her for the cost.  She chose to add this to her own heartfelt donation, purchasing a total of $1200 worth of toys to give local children in need a very merry Christmas!

Melissa Little is a truly generous person. Her humility and selflessness inspired us. I am very proud to have people like Melissa in the Juniper family.
Dan deMont - Vice Pres. Juniper Landscaping

The Suncoast Community Center is part of a nonprofit organization that provides assistance to local individuals in order to promote a strong community that empowers families and creates unity.  One of the many ways in which they support low income families is by helping them celebrate the holidays with their annual toy drive.

Juniper recognizes the importance of building strong families that make our local communities better places to live and work and we are happy to continually find ways to offer support.